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14 April 2020Silk Road - A Textile Journey
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08 December 2020The Journey of the Magi; Origins, Myths and Reality

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Silk Road - A Textile Journey Chris Alexander Tuesday 14 April 2020

Textiles have played a crucual role in the fortunes of Central Asia. Each medium  was important for different reasons, Wool was necessary for the clothing and housing of the nomadic tribes, Silk was used as a currency and was more valuable than gold, Cotton was the cause of Russian colonisation. The familiar carpets, felts , embroideries, robes and veils of the Silk Road changed the fortunes of this fascinating part of the world, a meeting place between Mohammed and Marx.

Chris Alexander has travelled extensively, having been born in Turkey, schooled in war torn Beirut spent 2 years at sea and then studied journalism at Leicester University. He established a workshop reviving C15   carpet designs, creating income for women in Khiva Uzbekistan and returned to England to write A Carpet Ride to Khiva. He then moved to Tajikistan training yak herders  to comb their yaks for down  and three years later  to Kyrgyzstan establishing a wood carving workshop in the worlds largest natural walnut forest.He is now a Curate at St Barnabas North Finchley and returns to Central Asia whenever he can.