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10 March 2020The Bauhaus
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13 October 2020A Brief History Of Wine
10 November 2020The Beatles and the Art World
08 December 2020The Journey of the Magi; Origins, Myths and Reality

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The Bauhaus Anthea Streeter Tuesday 10 March 2020

This is the story of Germany's most famous design school.It was founded in Weimar in 1919 and the director  Gropius attracted leading painters from across Europe to teach at the Bauhaus. After its move to Dessau changes were made in the curriculum moving away from craft based design towards links with industry.The Bauhaus  finally moved to Berlin under the directorship of Mies van der Roche in 1932 but  closed a year later and many of the teachers and students either fled or were exiled by the Nazi regime. The lecturer examines the legacy of the Bauhaus school.

Anthea Streeter studied Fine and Decorative Arts in London and continued her studies at Harvard University. She has taught on courses in Oxford and London, lectured on the Country House course in Sussex and for several private groups arouund the county.