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And please come and join us in our exploration of the ARTS in general and of London in particular.  The ARTS SOCIETY NORTH LONDON, formely known as the North London Decorative and Fine Arts Society or NLDFAS, belongs to the large umbrella organisation THE ARTS SOCIETY   Our Society was,  in 1968,  the 14th society formed  and our  first President, John Jacobs, was the  distinguished Curator at Kenwood House in Hampstead  After moving to Kenwood for the monthly lectures The Society became closely involved in fundraising for Kenwood.

Our Society attracted many members and outgrew the space available in the Lecture Room in Kenwood House and in 1991 a fellow Society, Hampstead Heath DFAS, was formed. Our Society is now one of the 420 member societies of The Arts Society that have been formed throughout the United Kingdom,  Europe and in Australia and New Zealand.

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 The Arts Society North London TASNL

We are affiliated  to THE ARTS SOCIETY

 LECTURES will now commence at 10.45 am 

TUESDAY DECEMBER 10th  10.45 am

What do you know about Roy Lichtenstein?

Is he important,why does his work matter?

Kate Aspinal consults for the Roy  Lichtenstein Foundation, is there more to this famous POP artist than at first appears?










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